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Start to know to the details of your visitors

View More DetailsAuthor: SysboxNow, you can start to kown your visitors in details.  we are not just collecting who visited your content, but also from which channel. Each trend present a channel for the day.Also you know who shared your content, if they have a showmine accountAnd you can also see which channels are most important for your content.Want to know more details for your stats? Contact us NOW...

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MERP: Taking SMEs to another level

Ever since we started this internal management system, and renamed MERP, many Australian small business to has gone to another level.Some of them started with literually nothing, they came to us just with another idea without knowing what can be done and whether they can do something. We worked really close with them and come out our three piece of princple:Good marketing planA Streamline business processA supportive team environment for both client and staff.With these three key points in mind after all the hardwork of 5 years, one them reached $29m+One of them started with an idea, and after 18 months, reached $4.7M+They are just ordinary Australian Small Business like any other. If they can, so can you!Start to talk to us now...

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CRM: Running a business without CRM can cost you real money.

CRM stands for customer relationship managment. Majority of the SME's never understand the need for having a CRM system helping them maintanence the relationship between them and their customers. Instead of using a management system, they use more human. It all sounds warm and fuzzy, beucause *customer* likes to talk to human.However, when business goes bigger, then more sales and administrative personnel wil be hired. More administration means less time for everything else. An active sales team can generate a flood of data. Reps are out on the road talking to customers, meeting prospects, and finding out valuable information – but all too often this information gets stored in handwritten notes, laptops, or inside the heads of your salespeople. Nowadays, your customers can approach you in so many ways and some of them you proabably never met before, and some of them they don't even want to meet you :0  In these cases, your salespeople will never know who they are, how can you keep up the details of those customers!CRM is not just keep you a database of your customers/clients, it's also about to maintanence the relationship.It will help you understand the customer, and customers' backgrounds and needs. Your customers...

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quantum supremacy bad news for blockchain?

Google just recently announced that their quantum computer has solved a problem that would take event the very best conventional computer thousands of years to crack. (refer to : Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Trump, quickly announced that on twitter and declared the quantum supremacy for USA. Now, the question is what will happen to the Blockchain? because of this super computing power. here is list of points we think it will be affected: The blockchain encryption methods definitely will feel the pressure and needed to be upgraded. however in the long run, more complicated encryption methods will be produced on quantum computer and hard for quantum computers to crack. There will be a *wave* of upgrades for the blockchain technology sector, just like Y2K bug. Once the technology adapts it, it will all become normal again. Quantum computers are still at the very early stage, so it will give people a bit of time to develop more complicated encryption methods in the future. ...

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Social Matrix Automated

Social media is becoming compulsory and part of most users' life. More and more social media channels are developed everyday. However, for SMEs, it's a bit hard to keep on top of it, so most of them will just get the big ones, like facebook, twitter, youtube etc...

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AI to write content for you

Creating contents every day is becoming a mission for most blogger, news agents, internet KL and organisations. They need to keep creating more *hot* topic to track readers/ follower *eye balls*.''Selecting a new topic and polishing a topic with a rich content article is very time consuming. Even more, people may get it wrong and lose a lot of readers. Therefore, creating a high quality article with rich content be a huge pain point for most of them.ShowMine's AI content writer is trying to solve these issue for them. ShowMine is a tool, that not only allow users to manage their content at one place, and easy to broadcast to multiple channels. Now it will try to help the writers to create the content they want at a click of a button....

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