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AWS full CD/CI

With AWS full Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, it will make a DevOps job much easier. But most importantly, it will make a product formed from an idea much quicker. Sysbox has delivered hundreds of web-app, mobile apps and platforms using AWS' CD/CI. Those automations are freeing us from doing repeated task, and let us focus on the true innovation of the idea for our customer....

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Australian Food Innovation Just started

With the mission to connect more Australian food suppliers to more and more domestic and oversea's buyer/agencies, Australian Food Catalogue(AFC) is starting to attract more "eye balls". Export-ready Australian suppliers have the opportunity to create a personalised profile page on AFC to showcase their unique products and promote their businesses. With a click of a few buttons, international buyers can browse profile-pages across 100 product-categories and connect with Australian companies that are export-capable and mean business! Sysbox is working very closely with the government agencies to make AFC a more simple, friendly and efficient....

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10 Tips For Building The Most Scalable Startup

Investors will tell you that they love to put money into startups that are scalable, and ready to scale. But what does that really mean? Simply stated, it means that your business has the potential to multiply revenue with minimal incremental cost. Ready to scale is when you have a proven product and a proven business model, about to expand to new geographies and markets. A software product is a classic example of a scalable solution, since it costs real money to build the first copy, but unlimited additional copies can be quickly cloned for almost no incremental cost. Most consulting services, like marketing, are not scalable, since they must be delivered by experts, and cloning experts is slow and expensive. Investors don’t invest in services startups. Here are some pragmatic tips on how to make your startup more scalable and investable: If you need investors, start with a scalable idea. Just because all your buddies think an idea is cool, that doesn’t mean it is scalable. Investors like ideas based on market research from outside experts, like Gartner Research,proclaiming a billion dollar opportunity with a double digit growth rate. These are more likely scalable and investable. Build a business plan and model...

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ShowMine is booming with users on social media.

Our recent project ShowMine, has come to very exciting point. The number of users are growing rapidly, more than we expected. We had to separate all the items into different communities/sections, before your items buried in this "Item Ocean", now you can start pushing your item to the top. We will keep this going as a free service for all users, and appreciated your appreciation! Go our Awesome Sysbox Team!...

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