Dive into SEO #7: Google Vs Facebook

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Dive into SEO #7: Google Vs Facebook

Normally, as part of the SEO strategies, if you have a paid ads included in the strategies, then you most likely have considered Google Ads. Google Ads has become one of the world’s largest and most popular pay per click advertising platforms. Meaning advertisers on this platform only pay when a user clicks on their ad. Other search engines use similar techniques for their advertising platforms as well. But Google is so commonly used by consumers and advertisers alike the term paid search is most famously associated with Google Ads.

However, Google as a search engine, doesn’t have all the background details of the user, therefore, it won’t know the potential hehavior of the user. Facebook on the other hand does, because it’s all about you and your friend. Facebook Ads most definitely have been given the title of paid social. Changing consumer behaviors and patterns have undeniably given rise to social media giants that let consumers connect with their friends, voice concerns about their experiences, and engage with topics and businesses they like.

Google ads for the keywords are generally more expensive, as it’s trying to gather more attention to general public. While Facebook on the other hand, it’s trying to target certain people, based on their behaviour and backgrounds. here is the list of the details to compare both of them:

In Summary, we usually make the SEO road map along with our clients, based on their business, then we will try to make the most effecient way. For example, if your business is trying to sell computers online to end user, then google ads may not be so efficient, as there are so many website is competing with you on Google. If you put it on facebook, to certain group of users, like Melbourne city Gamers, then Facebook is cheaper to start and will give you much better results. 
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