Our journey started back in 2009 when we built our first website selling IT products online.

The business started well and quickly grew from $2M yearly turnover for the first year to $12M yearly turnover in just 4 years. And our team also increased quickly to become 10 members strong.

But there was no time to celebrate.

A bigger turn over with manual processing large numbers of orders daily, put us all under the pumps, busy fixing issues, email customer tracking numbers etc….

When we tried to expand our business on eBay, we found we were trapped in an even bigger hole.

More staff was needed to manage eBay listing, sales, after sale services and inventory. All these extra costs were not making any profit for our business.

Wherever there is manual processing involved, mistakes follow. The more we sold, the more issues we had to fix.


November 22, 2019


Management Systems