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BlockChain in Place for ArtWorks

Access Art with Confidence ArtChain Global is an art title registry and trading platform for the art world, with the sophistication of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and distributed ledger (blockchain) technology. All ArtChain Global registered art pieces come with an immutable digital provenance record encased in blockchain. Details such as history of ownership and transaction records (if traded on ArtChain Global), which ensures maximum value for the artwork through time. Each artwork is authenticated by its original artist, whom themselves are endorsed by a panel of art industry specialists. You can use our AI system to verify authenticity, ensuring the physical item is the actual item represented on the platform. Aside from recording the art provenance and verifying authenticity, artists can track resale royalties when their artwork is sold on the ArtChain Global platform. ArtChain Global is the destination of choice for art lovers to access more art with confidence....

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