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Start to know to the details of your visitors

View More DetailsAuthor: SysboxNow, you can start to kown your visitors in details.  we are not just collecting who visited your content, but also from which channel. Each trend present a channel for the day.Also you know who shared your content, if they have a showmine accountAnd you can also see which channels are most important for your content.Want to know more details for your stats? Contact us NOW...

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AI to write content for you

Creating contents every day is becoming a mission for most blogger, news agents, internet KL and organisations. They need to keep creating more *hot* topic to track readers/ follower *eye balls*.''Selecting a new topic and polishing a topic with a rich content article is very time consuming. Even more, people may get it wrong and lose a lot of readers. Therefore, creating a high quality article with rich content be a huge pain point for most of them.ShowMine's AI content writer is trying to solve these issue for them. ShowMine is a tool, that not only allow users to manage their content at one place, and easy to broadcast to multiple channels. Now it will try to help the writers to create the content they want at a click of a button....

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ShowMine is booming with users on social media.

Our recent project ShowMine, has come to very exciting point. The number of users are growing rapidly, more than we expected. We had to separate all the items into different communities/sections, before your items buried in this "Item Ocean", now you can start pushing your item to the top. We will keep this going as a free service for all users, and appreciated your appreciation! Go our Awesome Sysbox Team!...

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