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China’s Government has recently introduced new cyber security laws focused on privacy and on the movement of data out of China. The laws also target online content that is considered to breach the core values of socialism. As a result, more than 60 social media accounts on WeChat and Weibo been disabled due to breaches of core values – that is, sites with content that is considered vulgar or in poor taste. Examples include the celebration of celebrity lifestyles and conspicuous consumption, or stories considered to be more gossip or scandal than otherwise. According to a Jing Daily report, one such disabled account is Harper’s Bazaar China – which has lost its historical content and is in the process of developing a new entertainment account. China already has a record of strong censorship. According to the 2017 World Press Freedom Index, China ranks 176th out of 180 countries. It’s also well-known that several western sites – including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google – are highly restricted or banned in China. This means the new censorship move likely doesn’t come as a complete surprise to those who work in the digital space in China. What could this social media law in China mean for...

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ShowMine is booming with users on social media.

Our recent project ShowMine, has come to very exciting point. The number of users are growing rapidly, more than we expected. We had to separate all the items into different communities/sections, before your items buried in this "Item Ocean", now you can start pushing your item to the top. We will keep this going as a free service for all users, and appreciated your appreciation! Go our Awesome Sysbox Team!...

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How to use Facebook Messenger as an advertising platform

Messenger apps have a bigger audience than social networks. Here is how to reach them. Messenger apps are big. The top four messaging apps - Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber - now claim nearly three billion monthly active users combined, which is more than the combined active users on the world's four largest social networks (source: Brands understand that one of the key ways of being increasingly relevant to customers is to be where they are; more specifically, communicate where their customers communicate. This of course was a key reason why many early-mover brands began to shift budgets away from TV and towards social networks. Fast forward to 2017, and being ‘where your customers are’ means focusing on one-to-one chat apps like Facebook Messenger and China’s WeChat. Indeed, in terms of the latter, users can not only use the app to chat with friends but also conduct mobile payments, play games, stream music, and partake in a variety of online-to-offline services like ordering cabs and takeaways. To offer such features, WeChat had to open its platform to third-parties (i.e. advertisers), which is where Facebook currently is with the development of Messenger; for it to become a more sophisticated product, advertisers...

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