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Dive Into SEO #2: More Pages = Better Rankings?

View More Details Author: Sysbox Pty Ltd It was commonly said SEO was all about deceiving search engines for getting better rankings, then most of the SEO agents advised their clients to produce more content in a more frequent manner. Is it that all? Probably NOT! To understand this, we need to know what the search engines like Goolge are doing and why they are doing it. Search engines are trying to provide their users with most relevant information over the internet at click of a button. Most relevant  means accuracy. in the old days, when there are not much of content, search engines are encouraging contenct providers, like website to provide more content more often. Therefore, what we mentioned above is TRUE at that time! However, to keep improve their service to their users, they will constantly compete with each other, which means they have to constantly upgrade their algrithm to improve the accuracy. Like Google has been updating its algorithms continuously to refine the results. This is why several SEO practices which were applicable aren’t applicable anymore. There are lots of websites out there which rank amazingly well for their target keyword by adding few pages of quality content. Be aware the keyword here: QUALITY!...

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Dive into SEO #1: visitors = buyers/clients ?

View More Details Author: Sysbox Pty Ltd The one common metric that every SEO agency pushes into the face of every business owner who contracts them is Website Visitors. However, what most of them really meant is "more buyers / clients". To most of the SMEs, they really don't know the difference in between, all they know to the track more traffic. That to most of them means more "visitors".  It's true to cerntain degree that "when your traffic is going up, your sales should go up", it's all depending on whether the visitors are relevant ! Just imagine your visitors are from all over the place, and your target is for local domestic Australian buyers, is the following picture relevant to your business?   My answer is : Probably not. So the very important thing here for SEO is: to track more relevant visitors! They are ones are more likely to become a buyer/client. Where do they come from? from they keywords they searched, therefore the keyword in your website's content becomes very critical. This requires constant looking at the stats of your website and adjust the keywords structure frequently. Wow, that's how the times has gone to :)   ...

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BlockChain in Place for ArtWorks

Access Art with Confidence ArtChain Global is an art title registry and trading platform for the art world, with the sophistication of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and distributed ledger (blockchain) technology. All ArtChain Global registered art pieces come with an immutable digital provenance record encased in blockchain. Details such as history of ownership and transaction records (if traded on ArtChain Global), which ensures maximum value for the artwork through time. Each artwork is authenticated by its original artist, whom themselves are endorsed by a panel of art industry specialists. You can use our AI system to verify authenticity, ensuring the physical item is the actual item represented on the platform. Aside from recording the art provenance and verifying authenticity, artists can track resale royalties when their artwork is sold on the ArtChain Global platform. ArtChain Global is the destination of choice for art lovers to access more art with confidence....

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Quick Go Live for A New Client – CirrusCoaching

Our Client ( is online and live within a week, full of features: Multi Language Support Online booking and payment Blogging Listing Videos Basic SEOs. etc With our promoted development team and support team, great turn arounds! Happy customers, happy team!...

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So glad our client’s new website visits got booming, even got more customers now.

After launching a new website, our new client(snugglepotts children's centre) is getting very happy, as visits, phone calls and enquiries are booming right now. not only that, they received a few actual enrolment enquiries too!   Here is what they said, just after we launched their new website: We had our website developed by Sysbox and they were very professional to deal with. They gave us a great template and any updates or changes that we gave them were updated almost instantly! We will definitely continue this relationship and we highly recommend them to other businesses! Kind regards, Jessie Snugglepotts Children's Centre   Sysbox as a team is very happy to see that! after all, we are not here to just do your website, we are actually helping your business to grow! and we are enjoying doing that everyday! Thanks to all the hard working team mates! You are awesome! Talk to us now!...

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